Established in 2012.

For a band to be successful and consistently able to get shows, practice and jamming are quite necessary. Jamming is not just an act of practising music, but also bonding with fellow bandmates, and forming a unit. It is a place where friendships develop, laughter comes in, and creativity takes a new way. Many bands are high on the creativity front, but a proper space is required to unleash creative ideas such as original songs, background score composing and many more. TSOR understands the importance of the Jam room and equipment requirements for the singers and instrument players to conduct a show. 

TSOR jam rooms understand this issue quite strongly and have been serving bands with jam room facilities. It is renowned as the first jam room in the city,  TSOR has a history of serving the frontline artists of India. A fully equipped and air-conditioned room provides the right space to concentrate on music practice, keeping all the unnecessary distractions aside.  Located at a prime location in the city, the TSOR Jam room is a boon for upcoming and established bands for practice and composing.

Gear at TSOR Jam Studio:

PA Speakers QSC CP12

Soundcraft Mixer


Shure Microphones: SM 58, SM 57

Line 6 Spider 4 Guitar Amplifier

Marshall 100DFX Guitar Amplifier

Fender Rumble

Bass Guitar Amplifier





Bands Served:

  • Indian Idol

Sreerama Chandra and Band

  • Bhavana Reddy and Band

( International Classical Dancer and Musician )

  • Vijay Prakash and Band
  • Mehraj
  • Kian Art Group
  • Sober and Friends
  • Rootz
  • Luminium
  • Threory
  • Staccato Band
  • Perpetual Void
  • The Last Bridge
  • Shock Therapy
  • Akshar
  • Recoil
  • Suresh Beck and Friends
  • Rajeev Venkataraman and Friends
  • Lelin Aacharya and Friends
  • When Chai Met Toast
  • Shaktisree Gopalan- Playback singer
  • Vijay Joseph- Guitarist
  • Leon James – Music Director
  • Keith Peters- Renowned bass guitarist
  • Peri Thyagaraju- Violinist
  • Chaitanya Kolluri and Band
  • Rakesh Chari and Band
  • Nakshatra
  • Manisha Erabattini and Band
  • Abong
  • The Zu
  • Tripp
  • Hangover
  • Encounter
  • True Identity
  • Undercover
  • Swaraag and Band
  • Three of us and Her
  • IBH
  • Noizy Monks
  • Eagles Vision
  • Crotchets
  • AC/DC Tribute Band
  • Zeddicus
  • Satlite
  • Fuzntribe
  • Naveen Joshua and Folks
  • Rayner n the band
  • Chicchore
  • Vijay and Friends
  • Brass Band
  • Joe Ashish and Band
  • Morons
  • Tony and Friends
  • Aakashavani
  • Many Indepdendent Artists