Frequently Asked Question

How important is music theory in learning?

Art is an applied subject. In order to apply something, knowing the theory and fundamentals is very important. Hence, music theory is quite crucial in learning music and becoming a good performer. Whether Western Classical, or Indian Classical- learning theory and getting a grip of fundamentals is necessary to become a good artist.

Is ear training alone enough for becoming a good performer?

Ear training is quite important in music. Listening skills improve your memory, focus and bring thorough understanding while singing or playing an instrument. However, ear training alone is not enough for a successful western classical performer. Ear training along with sight reading is the perfect combination to become a fantastic performer. In TSOR, we focus both on ear training and sight reading.

What are the types of percussions and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The age old percussion instrument is the live drumming and the biggest advantage of it is organic sound. Modern technology brought Octapad which is an electronic percussion instrument. Along with these major percussions, there are many organic percussion instruments around the world namely Conga Drum, Bongo Drum, Cajon, Tambourine, Xylophone, and Djembe.

What is the difference between Violin and Viola? Which instrument is suitable for effortless learning?

Violin in a soprano pitched string instrument and quite crucial in western classical music for string section , and as a solo instrument. The notes in violin are of high pitch and the scale starts from Middle C. But when it comes to viola,  it is an Alto range instrument with lower pitch notes.  Viola is a low range string instrument and useful for harmonizing the string section in western classical concerts.

What are the major differences between grand piano and electronic keyboard?

Grand piano is an analog instrument and the sound produced is completely organic. There is nothing electronic about the instrument. Hence, the maintenance and tuning of grand piano is quite a challenge. For the people who are passionate about learning piano the right way, grand piano is the right choice. However, grand piano is high on the pocket and maintenance and not freely available in most of the music institutes. Electronic keyboard on the other hand can be plugged and played from any place. But the sound is slightly metallic and the synthetic sound is obviously heard. It is upto the student to decide whether grand piano or piano is the right instrument for learning- because once chosen,  it is a life long pursuit.

What is Band training? How do I benefit out of it?

Forming a band and performance tactics is an art by itself. Many people feel forming a band is a cool thing to do but there is lot of work to be put in- to become successful and noted. Band training offers all the necessary tools for hitting successful mark – such as band management, bonding, jamming session planning, getting shows, and how to maintain the positive atmosphere in the band training. TSOR offers exclusive band training and formed many successful bands.