Where music is Magical

The School of Rock is an esteemed music institute that pays exclusive focus on applied learning. Rock is a genre that speaks of aggression, energy and attitude and demands multiple skills from the performer. Along with flawless vocal range, the performer should display attitude, and reflect the lyrical significance of the composition. These skills are tough to get by, and here in School of Rock, our expert musicians and teachers make sure your pupil is turned into an out and out Rockstar!

The School of Rock (TSOR) has the credit of teaching music for hundreds of talented individuals in the city trained by faculty who are highly skilled in musical nuances. It also has the credit of having the first ever jam room in Hyderabad in the year 2012. Equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets, and instruments, TSOR offers a wonderful space for individual performers and bands to practise and unleash their musical creativity.

We also offer audio and video rentals, sales and services, sound installations and acoustic treatments.

TSOR offers classes for enthusiastic students of age groups from 5-86 with

Western Vocals- Western Vocals is a tough ballgame to prepare and TSOR is proud to have qualified and professional western vocal instructors who are adept in transforming students into star performers. We train students for Trinity and ABRSM grade exams depending on the student’s calibre and make sure they excel in the exam with flying colours.

Guitar: Guitar is a wonderful instrument that is expressive to the core- that is the reason why many students and artists found love for the instrument. We at TSOR teach both acoustic and electric guitar with applied theory, and not just with rules- but also on how to break them to become real Rockstars! With excellent faculty that is enthusiastic to create a new generation of guitarists, TSOR is committed to make young students into thriving Rockstars who can set the stage on fire with their guitar renditions- whether solo or bass.  TSOR also trains students in Trinity Rock and Pop- for the generation next Rockstars of twin cities!

Keyboard; TSOR takes pride to have some amazing faculty that understands the depth and nuances of keyboard and its playing of different styles. Based on the student’s requirement- whether it is western classical, Jazz, Filmy or freestyle- TSOR’s faculty brings the best of keyboard teachers for the ultimate benefit of students. With excellent infrastructure, we also prepare the students for western classical exams in keyboard along with a strong foundation in western classical theory.

Drums: There is no life without rhythm and music is of no exception. No matter how well a melody and strings are performed, the song can get lifeless without thumping drums. TSOR is well-equipped with professional faculty who knows the drums (acoustic and electric) through and through and guide the students right from the fundamentals. When the fundamentals are strong, the complex patterns become easier!

Come join us for a unique and melodious musical journey which is not only fruitful but also a life-long transformational bliss.